OH NOEZ!!!!!!!!!!

2008-06-08 10:54:31 by jbboy96

About 2 months ago I got sucker-punched in a fight and I got a HUGE BLACK EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!:(...........Well not to long ago,maybe a week ago, I was in an air-soft fight and I was ambushed so I tried to run home,but when running, I got my left leg snagged in barb-wire!:( Well after that I went to the hospital for a tetnas shot and a couple(6-actually)stitches in my leg when my mom tells the nurse about my cheek and eye,and the nurse says......."Your top cheek- bone is broken and needs to have surgery"......... :(
IT'S a TRUE but sad story.....:(


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2008-06-08 12:48:46



2008-06-08 12:54:42

dont tell shit asshole go and fuck urself and it that really happened u deserved it cause u were gay enough to play soft-air combat.


2008-06-09 00:06:37

LMFAO @ Non Plus Ultra


2008-06-10 17:30:45

That's what happens when you're a twat.

jbboy96 responds:

A twat?